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Teacher Subscription Plan

Purple Doxa Icon

Individual teacher subscription

£10 per month for 1 subject/free 14 day trial

Unlimited student accounts

Teacher dashboard to track progress

1-2-1 teacher training session

Dedicated Endoxa Learning support

School Subscription Plans

Bronze subscription

£399 per annum

Access to 1 Endoxa subject

Teacher dashboard to track progress

1 training session

Basic Endoxa Learning analytics

Dedicated Endoxa Learning support

Silver subscription

£999 per annum

Access to 4 Endoxa subjects

Teacher dashboard to track progress

2 training sessions

Basic Endoxa Learning analytics

Dedicated Endoxa Learning support

Gold subscription

Coming soon

Access to all Endoxa subjects

Teacher dashboard to track progress

3 training sessions

Advanced Endoxa Learning analytics

Dedicated Endoxa Learning support


What subjects does Endoxa Learning currently support?

Endoxa Learning currently cover geography, RS, politics and business studies.

What exam boards are available?

We span across the three major exam boards, AQA, OCR and EDEXCEL. Students and teachers can display Endoxa Learning content relevant to only their exam board with our exam board feature.

What support will my school receive from Endoxa?

Each school will recieve a dedicated support package, including 1-2-1 training sessions, webinars and several progress discussions with an Endoxa team member.

When will other subjects be available?

We hope to have all other Endoxa Learning subject contect completed by September 2021. Other subjects will be created if there is a suitable demand.

How do I pay for my subscription?

We accept payment by cheque or by BACS (automatic bank transfer), our bank details can be found at the bottom of the the invoice. Your subscription will automatically renew after one year unless you opt-out of using Endoxa

What if my school is part of a multi-academy trust?

Contact your local educational consultant to arrange a Endoxa plan for your multi-academy trust.

Do I need to pay for Endoxa training and CPD?

Endoxa training is provided as part of your annual subscription. To find out more about training and all additional support visit our teacher training page.

Does Endoxa Learning allow you to change between bronze, silver and gold subscription packages?

Endoxa Learning allows you to upgrade or downgrade your membership every year to help us to fulfil the needs of your school, just let us know via email if you would like to change your subscription package.

What if I've forgotten my Endoxa Learning login?

Simply click on the ``forgotten password`` button within the login section of the app. This automatically send you a password reset email from which you can reset your password.

Having an issue within a lesson or graph?

Report this to Endoxa Learning via our contact page and we will fix this for you immediately.

Does Endoxa work on all web browsers?

Endoxa works on all browsers and does not require any additional software plugins to get going.

Still need further technical support?

Book a short support call with one of our Endoxa Team. Simply visit our contact page to get in touch.