How Endoxa works

Curriculum Coverage

Endoxa currently offers 4 subjects. Geography, Politics, RS and Business. These are mapped to the current A-level specifications for OCR, AQA and EDEXCEL. We are currently testing with KS3 and KS4 so join our newsletter to stay updated on the progress.

Teacher tools

Endoxa facilities both teaching in class and learning at home, focused around a flipped classroom approach, we used blended learning to really help students excel.

Progress tracking

See all homework and assessment activity completed by students at a glance in the Endoxa teacher dashboard.

Teacher Support

1-2-1 school training, webinars and resources are available as part of our schools package so you can get up and running with Endoxa straight away.

Endoxa fundamentals

Endoxa Learning is based on 3 fundamentals: visualisation, argument steps and argument types.

Endoxa Learning enables students to see academic arguments visually through the use of an argument graph. In each lesson, the argument is presented step-by-step. Each step is based on an argument type, which encourages students to think critically about the argument.


The Argument Graph
  • Is designed to take reasoning and argumentation away from long dense texts to make it more visually engaging and interactive.
  • Presents a key argument from the subject specification to ensure the graph can be used for both learning and revision.
  • Contains a built-in calculation system to check the coherence of the argument and its overall strength.
  • Allows students to edit and add unique arguments and ideas to encourage critical thinking and idea diversification.
  • Acts as a personalised essay plan with a clear argument flow to allow students to write clear and concise essays.

The argument graph enables students to fully grasp the key arguments and it gives them the confidence to argue and reason their own ideas in essays and exams.

To find out more about how Endoxa Learning works, and the research that supports it, read our white paper.

Endoxa tasks

Within Endoxa Learning, teachers can set three different types of tasks for their students. Learn, think and write. These three tasks enable Endoxa Learning to be used both as a classroom and a homework tool.


Set prior to a lesson

Enables students to understand the core arguments before the lesson

Enables discussion, critical thinking and in class debate

Flipped classroom approach


Set for revision and essay planning

Encourages the addition of unique ideas and arguments

Allows for critical thinking and reasoning

Used as a revision tool or a visual essay plan


Set for assessment

Enables students to use the virtual essay plan to write an argumentative essay

Allows for 2 way feedback between teacher and student

Student marks, feedback and progression stored within the system



As an experienced A level teacher I know the importance and challenge, for my students, of writing A02 led essays. This is vital for their success. Endoxa is an exciting new way of achieving this and the most effective tool I have trialled so far. My students loved it and wanted more. It engaged them in analysis and evaluation of arguments to a much deeper level than is possible with a textbook. They found it much easier to plan A02 led essays. Their arguments were more sophisticated. It also extended their ability to learn independently outside the classroom. It is the latest active learning at its best. (I learnt with them as it is fabulous CPD for a teacher.)

Ms Alexis Goddard, Dept Head Philosophy & RS & Head of Research, Brighton Girls GDST



Teacher dashboard


Endoxa Learning’s teacher dashboard is a powerful management tool teachers can use to not only set, receive and comment on homework and independent learning tasks. But also acts as a system to track individual student progress and monitor class progression.

Student zone

Students can find all of their homework, revision and assessment tasks in the Endoxa Learning student zone. Here they will also be able to see teacher feedback and discuss with their teacher ways in which to improve their work. Students can also look at any other lessons within their subject, even if it hasn’t been set as homework, enabling students to revise the whole subject.



Full training for both teachers and students is included within the Endoxa Learning package. Each teacher will receive a dedicated online tutorial with on of the Endoxa Learning team, downloadable presentations and help guide videos.

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